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**Keep Your Wonderful Memories at 30 Memories**
Inuyasha - InuyashaxKagome - prompt #23 
10th-Aug-2006 12:21 pm
Fandom: Inuyasha
Title: Stop Crying
Author: Dark Kagome
Theme: 23. - Pink Carnation (I'll never Forget you)
Pairing: Inuyasha/Kagome
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Kagome and Inuyasha are not Mine... they belong to the brilliant Rumiko Takahashi...
Summary: Kagome thinks about someone close to her Heart, and a gift that he had given her.

"Feh..." Inuyasha said, sounding very, very annoyed... he plucked a pink flower from the fertile soil and gently handed it to Kagome who was Crying.

Kagome blinked and shook her head, not Understanding at first. "Inuyasha?" asked she. "What is this for?"

Inuyasha was embarrassed but looked her in the eye even though he was Blushing. "It's for making you cry so stop doing it, even though I'm sorry... it's still annoying... feh..."

Kagome giggled a little and through her arms around Inuyasha. He had made her cry with his insensivity, but now he was making her feel a lot better... "Oh, thank you! It's Beautiful!"

"Whatever" said Inuyasha.

Kagome smiled fondly in Rememberance as she glanced at the pink flower on the nightstand... It had been years since she'd seen Inuyasha and she was very Sad because of that... however she would treasure his flower always, she was sure...

Besides Inuyasha would come back from the dead someday. He always came Back for Kagome.
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